Who We Are

We are a group of professionals and small entrepreneurs who believe in the above-stated principles, that free enterprise in a competitive economy will result in a more peaceful and dynamic society. Among the main supporters are:

Bienvenido “Nonoy” Oplas, Jr.
Nonoy graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP, AB Economics 1985, Diploma in Development Economics 1998). Over the past five years, he has established network and alliances with other free market-oriented think tanks in Asia and other parts of the world.

Robin Lucas.
Vice President
Took up B.A. Philippine Art, UP Manila and was a member of the UP Manila Debate Circle. He's working at a distance learning company. His blog is http://ihatecommies.blogspot.com.

Jed Inciong
A UERM-trained physician, an OB-Gyne specialist and cosmetics surgeon, but took his undergraduate pre-med course in UP. He is also currently pursuing a Masters degree in Asian alternative healthcare.

Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia is an engineer-economist, also from UP, currently working with one of the top financial advisory firms in the country.

Lardy Caparas
A professional managing a company exporting Philippine-manufactured food products abroad.

Epictetus Patalinghug
Teaches at UP College of Business Administration.

Web Phil Info.com, Inc
Web Administrator
Web Host
Web Phil Info.com, Inc. is an Internet Business Solutions Provider that focuses on three (3) Strategic Areas: website assessment/planning, design and development, and management. Our company was founded in 1996, when the local Internet industry was just making its presence felt and when technological advances in the World Wide Web was mostly outside of the country.

Anonymous Donors
And several individual and corporate donors who believe in the principles and advocacies of MG and provided some resources to us, but prefer to remain anonymous as silent supporters.


Our Services

  1. Produce policy and advocacy papers anchored on MG’s core principles: small government, small taxes, free market, and personal responsibility.
  2. Conduct trainings, seminars and symposia on various issues, anchored on said principles.
  3. Represent taxpayers on tax policy debates in Congress and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR); represent consumers on trade and commerce policy debates in Congress, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Tariff Commission.

Our Revenue Sources

  1. Donations and contributions from private individuals, corporations and foundations. MG will NOT accept any contribution from government (local or national) and foreign aid bodies.
  2. Proceeds from sale of some publications, campaign materials, benefit concerts, some seminars, other events.

Our Logo

It can be looked as an “arrow downwards”, attempting to push down or shrink. It can also be looked as outreached hands of people, pointing upwards, demanding more freedom, attempting to attain their unlimited potentials.

The color is blue – the color of the ocean and the sky, which themselves represent unlimited horizon.