Friends and Allies


Minimal Government is a member and partner institute of the following broad alliances of free market-oriented think tanks and public policy institutes from many countries around the world:

  • Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change (CSCCC)
    A coalition of 42 institutes from 33 countries who recognize that there is climate change but do not subscribe to the alarmist analysis and the corresponding proposals for more government regulations in emission cuts, undermining individual and firm-level adaptation.
  • Property Rights Alliance (PRA)
    A coalition of various organizations and institutes who believe in the primacy of private property as a cornerstone of a free society. It issues the annual International Property Rights Index (IPRI) that looks at how protective countries are in ensuring that private property and rule of law are respected. The second annual report, the 2008 IPRI Report will be launched in February 2008.

In addition, MG is also among the international network and allies of the following institute: