Filipino participants at the EFN Asia conference. From left: Alvin Ang, Univ. of Santo Tomas; Lawrence Dacuycuy, De La Salle Univ. and also representing the Philippine Economic Society (PES), Minnie Salao of FNF Manila, Mr. Oplas of MG Thinkers, Ernesto Pernie of UP School of Economics, also representing the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF), and Carlos Tapang, soon to put up his own free market think tank in Cebu City.

From left to right: Feng Xingyuan and Mao Shoulong of Cathay Institute for Public Policy (CIPA), China; Chung-ho Kim of Center for Free Enterprise (CFE) and Kim Sun-taek of Korea Taxpayers Association (KTA); Jargal Dambadarjaa of Mongolians for Fair Taxes and Wise Spending (FTWS), Mongolia, and Jamie Story of Grassroot Institute, Hawaii. Picture taken during the 3rd Pacific Rim Policy Exchange in Singapore in Septermber 2009. The 4th Pacific Rim Policy Exchange will be held in Sydney, Australia on September 28-30, 2010.

Some leaders of member-institutes of the Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change (CSCCC). From left to right: Barun Mitra of Liberty Institute, India; Jose Luis Tapia of ILE, Peru; Margaret Tse of Liberdade Institute, Brazil; Julian Morris of IPN, UK; Martin Krause of CIIMA, Argentina, and Mr. Oplas of MG Thinkers, Philippines. Picture taken during the 4th ICCC in Chicago, May 16-18, 2010.

Leaders of other member-institutes of CSCCC: Ms. Kelsey Zahourek of Property Rights Alliance (PRA, Washington DC), Dr. Barbara Kolm of Hayek Institute, Austria, Wolfgang Mueller of IUF, Germany. To his right is Dr. Henrik Svensmark of the Danish National Space Center, Denmark. Dr. Svensmark is not a member of the CSCCC, but he's a known physicist who studies the Sun-Earth climate, among his various researches. Picture taken during the Heartland's 4th ICCC in Chicago, May 16-18, 2010.

University of San Carlos (USC), Cebu City, forum on RA 9502 or the Cheaper Medicines Law, March 6, 2010. The 4 speakers in that forum, from left to right, were Dr. Sophia Mancao of DOH Region 7, Mr. Jun de Luna of Prosel Pharma Inc., Cebu City, Mr. Oplas, and Prof. Yolanda Deliman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, USC.

Las Pinas Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Mohammad Yasin Badr, giving the certificate of recognition to Mr. Oplas, as guest speaker in the chamber's general assembly last November 24, 2009. Mr. Oplas talked on "Warming time out amidst climate hysteria

Dr. Willie Soon, 2nd from left, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Boston, recently co-authored "Avoiding Carbon Myopia". To his right was Barun Mitra of Liberty Institute, India. To his left were Mr. Oplas, Mr. Jose Luis Tapia of ILE, Peru, and another participant during the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change (2nd ICCC) held in March 2009 in NYC.

Ms. Victoria Strokova, author of International Property Rights Index (IPRI) 2010 Report. This is a comprehensive report and survey of how countries protect private property rights. Beside her are Chris Butler of the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR) and Mr. Oplas. Picture taken last November 2009 at the ATR office.

Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg, Sec-Gen. of the World Taxpayers Association (WTA,, left, Grover Norquist, President of the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR,, center, and Mr. Oplas. This was during the 3rd Pacific Rim Policy Exchange, Singapore, October 2009.

Mr. Oplas joined the "Think Tank 101" seminar last November 10-11, 2009, at Mayflower Hotel, Washington DC, sponsored by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. About 20 leaders of young independent think tanks from several countries participated in the seminar. Others in this photo are the resource speakers and event facilitators.

Man-made warming: is it the truth? This was the presentation of Mr. Oplas as guest speaker in the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Makati Dasmarinas (RCMD), Rockwell Club, Makati City, Philippines, last October 21, 2009. He was introduced by his Rotary classmate, RCMD Past President Rodolfo "Inky" Reyes, 2nd from left.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) seminar on "Property and Freedom", co-sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF). From left: Mr. Oplas, Dr. Emmanuel de Dios, Dean of the UP School of Economics; Ms. Ellen Cain of FEF, and Mr. Siegfried Herzon, Resident Representative, FNF Manila office. Mr. Oplas and Dr. de Dios were the panel speakers on September 7, 2009, of the 3-days seminar, held at Millenia Suites, Pasig City, Philippines.

Mr. Oplas with officers and members of Rotary Club of Rizal South West, RI D3830 after he gave a talk on "Global cooling vs Global money and power" last May 28, 2009, Heritage Hotel, Manila. To Mr. Oplas' right is club President Lynette Velasco and Past President Maritoni Gonzales.

Panel speakers in the "Social Dialogue on Health Care" last August 17, 2009 at PRRM, Quezon City. From left to right: Edel Hernandez of 3CPNet, Mr. Oplas, Mr. Rene Magtubo of LABOR, former DAR Sec. Obet Pagdanganan (standing), former DOH Sec. Alberto Romualdez, Mr. Ernesto Beltran of PhilHealth, Mr. Reineer Gloor of PHAP, and Ms.Joyce Filomeno of AGAP.

Mr. Oplas attended the Atlas Liberty Forum in Los Angeles, April 24-25, 2009. In the picture, left to right, were Mr. Oplas; Peter Holle of FCCP, Canada; Jo Kwong, VP of Atlas, USA; Margaret Tse of IL, Brazil; and Xingyuan Feng of CIPA, China. Nearly 300 participants from more than 30 countries came.

Mr. Oplas giving a talk on "Global cooling reality vs Global warming politics" at the joint meeting of the Rotary Club of Makati McKinley (RCMM) and Rotary Club of Taguig-Fort Bonifacio, April 22, 2009. Looking on were RCMM President Bing Icamina, Manila Observatory Executive Director Toni Loyzaga (black suit facing the projector), and D3830 Asst. Governor Jay Tambunting.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) held its "Congress Briefing on the Global IT Industry" last December 3, 2008 at Edsa Shangrila Hotel. MG Thinkers President, Nonoy Oplas, was one of five speakers. He presented a paper, "ICT in the Philippines: Growth Amidst Mixed Government Intervention" (
). Looking on was Mr. Michael Mudd, CompTIA's Director of Public Policy, Asia-Pacific.

First forum for the year of the Coalition for Health Advocacy and Transparency (CHAT), held on January 28, 2010, Diamond Hotel, Manila. Mr. Oplas (5th from left, front row) participated to represent MG Thinkers. At his back is CHAT Chairman and former DAR Secretary Obet Pagdanganan. Two staff from MeTA International Secretariat also participated, Ms. Carolyn Green (to the left of former Sec. Pagdanganan) and Wilbert Bannenberg, standing at the last row.

Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education, Inc. (FUSE) general assembly and conference, October 27, 2009, at FUSE office, Pearl of the Orient Tower condo, Roxas Blvd, Manila. Mr. Oplas was the guest speaker. To his right is Rep. Salvador Escudero III, FUSE President.

3rd Pacific Rim Policy Exchange, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore, October 14-15, 2009. Mr. Oplas presented a paper on the drug price control policy in the Philippines. To his right is Tim Wilson of IPA Australia as panel moderator, and to his left is Philip Stevens of IPN UK as the second speaker.

The 2009 Freedom Dinner and Conference was successfully held by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation last Nov. 9-10, 2009, at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. On day 2, Mr. Oplas was among the panel speakers in the conference. From left to right: Ms. Cindy Cirquetella of Atlas as panel moderator, Mr. Oplas, Mr. Paulo Uebel of Inst. Millenia, Brazil, Ms. Natasha Srdoc of Adriatic Institute, Croatia. Not in the photo but part of the panel were speakers from Ivory Coast and from Egypt.

Also during the Sydney conference, September 30, Panel on "Best Practices -- Reducing the Size of Government", from left to right: Wan Saiful Wan Jan of Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis (IDEAS) - Malaysia, Grover Norquist of the Americans for Tax Reforms (ATR), Peter Wong of Lion Rock Institute - Hong Kong, Parth Shah of Center for Civil Society - India, and Ken Phillips of Independent Contractors of Australia.

Chinese friends, from left to right: Xingyuan Feng of Cathay Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)-Beijing, Zhao Xu of Unirule Institute of Economics-Beijing, Yiquiao Xu of Donors Trust-Washington DC, and Da Jun Zhang of Transition Institute-Beijing. The event was the Atlas Liberty Forum 2009 in Los Angeles, USA.

Atlas' VP, Tom Palmer, in a talk at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus last July 15, 2010. The reactors were Prof. Alex Magno and Prof. Temario Rivera, moderator was Prof. Amadong "Bong" Mendoza, all from the UP Political Science Department. The event was jointly sponsoed by the UP Third World Studies Center (TWSC) and the Pol. Sci. Department. MG Thinkers arranged the event with the 2 sponsor organizations.

Tom Palmer also talked at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Manila office, attended by many participants, August 15, 2010 evening. MG Thinkers also arranged the event with FNF staff.

Dr. Palmer also talked at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila, July 16, 2010, attended by around 200 students. The event was co-sponsored by the Social Research Center (SRC), Social Sciences Department, and the Artlets Economics Society, in partnership with MG Thinkers. In the above photo, Dr. Alvin Ang, Economics Professor at UST, giving Dr. Palmer a gift of appreciation. Looking on was Dr. EJ Lopez, another faculty member of Economics at UST.

Participants of the "Pacific Rim Conference on Climate Change" last October 1, 2010, held at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, Australia. The event was sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a day after the conclusion of the 4th Pacific Rim Policy Exchange sponsored by the Americans for Tax Reforms IATR), Institute for Policy Analysis (IPA, Australia), among others.

At the farewell cocktails and dinner, 4th Pacific Rim Policy Exchange, Sydney, Australia, September 30, 2010. From left to right: Mr. You of JTR-Japan, Khalil Ahmad of AS Institute-Pakistan, Mr. Oplas of MG Thinkers, Keaton Benn of Doner Fundraising-US, Raymond Ho of Momentum 107-Hong Kong, and John Kartch of ATR-US.

During the 4th Pacific Rim Policy Exchange held at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, Australia, September 29-30, 2010. Panel on "Obstacles to investments", from lef to right: Ms. Mary Kissel, editor of the Wall Street Journal - Hong Kong; Peter Holle of FCCP-Canada, Jargal Dambadarjaa of Monlians for Fair Taxes and Wise Spending, Mongolia, and Barun Mitra of Liberty Institute-India.